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Management consultants for the most international company

Who we are:

DHL Consulting is an essential part of the world’s leading mail and logistics company, DHL Group, with unparalleled access to its most important people – the top management of this prominent global organization.

We have two key responsibilities at DHL Consulting. We provide a broad range of management consulting and business transformation services to all DHL business divisions, and we deliver strategic supply chain consulting services to many DHL Group customers.

Consultants in DHL Consulting, therefore, have the unique opportunity to experience both in-house and external consulting projects. As DHL Group offices and customers are located in 220 countries and territories, this can take you virtually anywhere in the world!

Our Job:

DHL Consulting combines business experience and logistics expertise to effectively answer the multifaceted business challenges of DHL Group. Our strategic advisory services help the Group’s businesses to run better, adding value and delivering internal objectivity.

We draw on the collective project experience of DHL Consulting and we leverage the Group’s global wealth of industry-leading research and innovation. In addition, we freely apply industry benchmarks, external case studies, international precedents, and fresh thinking. With our broad understanding of DHL Group, we identify key challenges, develop customized solutions, look beyond specific business areas, and implement change quickly and efficiently. To help the organization stay ahead of the curve, we work on many digitalization projects.

Our professional advice nurtures and enables supply chain evolution for DHL Group customers in a wide range of sectors and industries, including automotive, energy, engineering and manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare, retail, technology, and more.

Today, more than 100 consultants work globally for DHL Consulting. Our four offices are located in Germany, Singapore, and the USA, and assignments can take consultants almost everywhere on the planet.


Our business is people-based and your development is our priority. We have an excellent track record of developing high-potential consultants for subsequent managerial positions in DHL Consulting and in DHL Group. On your career journey, your responsibilities will grow – new consultants will focus on delivering great projects; senior consultants or project managers will take on team and project leadership; partners will manage customer relationships and develop business. Along the way, we will support you with a trust-based feedback culture, an individual mentor assigned from the management team, and a comprehensive training curriculum.

Your profile:

We welcome bright individuals with international profiles – no specific background is required

There are no prerequisites (e.g. a supply-chain/logistics background) when applying – we search for the "classic" management consulting skillset.

We hire the majority of our new colleagues directly from campus.

DHL Consulting is looking for open-minded team players with excellent academic records, intercultural awareness, and an entrepreneurial mindset that further exhibit the first practical experience in an international environment. Comprising intellectual potential & knowledge, attitude & soft skills as well as international orientation.

We hope that you cover all the aforementioned points and are well-suited to support DHL Consulting’s global team.

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DHL Consulting

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You will take on responsibilities quickly, with full exposure to the top management. You will profit from our strong focus on teamwork and diversity, our great career perspectives, the strong network of Deutsche Post DHL Group, as well as the fast-changing environment we work in. Your work involves developing new strategies and concepts, defining innovative business models, helping to optimize existing structures.

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