About us

CareerLunch, the most authentic platform for talents and potential employers to meet.

We are passionate about bringing together top talent and leading companies, creating opportunities for meaningful interactions that go beyond traditional recruitment methods.

Our unique approach centers around informal lunches and virtual coffee chats, which allow talents to gain authentic insights from employees and grow their professional network. Through these genuine interactions, talents can find the right employer that aligns with their values, and aspirations.

Simultaneously, our platform enables companies to showcase their employer brand and culture, making them more tangible to potential candidates. By connecting with top talent, and unexpected great fits through CareerLunch, companies can build vibrant talent communities and consistently find the right matches to fuel their growth.

Our Founders

Simon and Konstantin founded CareerLunch in 2019 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen with a shared vision: a world where everyone finds fulfillment in their career. The major problem: It is very hard to know in advance if a potential career opportunity will be fulfilling or not. With CareerLunch they aim to change that by providing the most authentic platform for talents and potential employers to meet.

When we started the company, we were both still studying and experienced first-hand how hard it is to make “the right” career decisions. We realized that the best way to approach this uncertainty is by talking to people who are already a step ahead in the paths that you are considering. With CareerLunch, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to connect with such people.


In our team, we prioritize integrity, celebrate together-ness, and foster a safe space for sharing.


As a team, we seek clarity, value rationale, and adapt beliefs while evaluating the best course of action.


Together, we foster trust, value kindness, and make a positive impact on colleagues, users, and society.


We take responsibility, prioritize progress, and are dedicated to achieving our goals.


We nurture a culture of learning, coaching, and embracing feedback, committed to long-term growth.


We envision a world where everyone finds fulfillment in their career.


Our mission is to become the new standard in recruitment. Human-centric, technology powered.

Meet the TEAM

The Powerhouses of CareerLunch


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