DALCO AG is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-performance computing solutions since 1999


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Who we are

DALCO AG is a systems integrator based in Switzerland. We are one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance computing solutions since 1999. We specialize in designing, building and operating large cluster based supercomputers running Linux. In our production facility in Volketswil we build Clusters, Servers and Workstations. Our software department takes care of designing and implementing customized OS and software installations for our customers. We also maintain our own orchestration software for our compute clusters as well as our own in-house production management software, CRM and ERP. Our services range from consulting, conception, evaluation, implementation to support and complete operation of a solution, depending on the customers needs.

Our customers value our flexibility, quality of service and the direct contact to our technicians.

Our Offices

We have Offices in Rothenburg LU and Volketswil ZH. Rothenburg is where our Administration and part of our distribution business is located. Our location in Volketswil hosts our production, research and development, benchmark center, hosting site and our software team.

We are a team of creative minds who like to tinker and come up with smart solutions to build our systems. We are currently building our own maker-space with professional tools like soldering and rework stations, 3D printers and a CNC router in our office which can be used by all employees both for work and privately to expand our own capabilities and knowledge every day.

Our working environment

  • We have a flat hierarchy in our company with short decision paths.
  • Just like our customer systems, each employees workspace is tailored to the individuals needs and preferences with your own choice of hardware and software.
  • Everyone at DALCO gets to choose their preferred Operating System to work with
  • Trying out new tools and software is encouraged.
  • We share our knowledge with our colleagues and discuss new insights to help each other grow as a team.
  • Our constant adoption of new technologies and market changes as well as our continuous exploration of new technologies and solutions is what makes our jobs so interesting.
  • New Ideas are always welcome and can evolve into a POC and potentially a product or solution quickly.
  • Grow with your job, explore new fields of activities within our company and broaden your knowledge
  • Through tight partnerships with Intel, AMD, Nvidia and other major hardware manufacturers we regularly get access to next generation technology long before it hits the market or is even announced.

Your Profile

  • You are a "techie, the go-to guy for your friends when they have a technical issue no one else could solve
  • Hands-on person who likes to work with both hardware and software, a maker
  • For Linux Admins: Linux is your daily driver, you feel comfortable in the shell, you look at log files and edit config files regularly
  • Able to research and learn new technologies on your own
  • You like to systematically approach a problem and never let go unless you find a solution
  • Good communication skills with colleagues and customers
  • You see challenges, not problems
  • Fluent in english and german
  • Permanent swiss resident with working permit
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Get an insight into our daily work and learn what it is that makes our jobs so interesting and versatile. Visit us at our offices in Volketswil where it all happens! We will start with a tour through our facilities where you will see everything from our offices to our production and testing area - be prepared to se a lot of hardware.

After the tour we will pick one of the many nearby food places for our actual Lunch.

Alternatively we can also give you a virtual tour of our facilities during a virtual meeting.

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